You would rather jump into the action without customizing your own partner? No worries, we have close to a hundred West Sluts ready to be abused.


Lolita is not your typical rancher’s daughter : so hot, even the midday sun can’t compete when it comes to having you feel the heat. Beautiful and energetic as a young wild mare, she will take whatever you bring and then some!


Brothel madam in the local town saloon, Mae is a dark beauty who likes to play hard to get. Distinguished and divinely stunning, it might take some convincing before you find yourself between her legs.


Angel is Westsluts’ gorgeous greeter. Classy and alluring, she sets the tone for whoever decides to set foot in the park. As she likes to say in her charming voice, “All our sluts are here for you darling : myself included”.


The Saloon

The Saloon is ideal for gambling, drinking and whoring. All of Westsluts’ dirtiest girls are just waiting for you here. Known to all as a place of wild orgies, you have but to say the word to join a crazy swinger party.


The Barn

The Barn is where you go when you want things to remain undisclosed. Dirty and raw, just like what you have in mind, that slut is about to get it rough. And the good thing is no one will hear her moan as you indulge.


The Lab

The Lab is where Westsluts’ sex hosts are created, brought for maintenance or taken for memory wipes. It is a place where “experiments” are allowed. If your latest fantasy involves something out of the box, the Lab is where you want to go.