Westsluts puts you in charge by allowing you to customize all aspects of your sexual journey. You will first be given the opportunity to build your own sex host or to choose from a wide variety of pre-built models, all of them fully customizable. You will then be able to pick the background story for the action as well as the level of intensity you wish to go for. Even the ending is under your control!

Reach out and feel your sex hosts as if they were real. Customize their tits, ass and pussy. Decide whether they will have tattoos or piercing. Have them change their hair style or hair color or even wear a new piece of lingerie. Anything you need to ignite your most perverted fantasies.

We sincerely want this experience to be all you ever wished for!

Westsluts features

  • Fully customizable sex hosts
  • Interactive and updated environments
  • Campaign mode
  • Daily missions
  • In-game achievements
  • Hundreds of sex positions
  • Online mode and multiplayer settings

  • Online mode has been our most popular feature. Either team up with another player and have a gangbang, choosing from the wide variety of hosts available, or have virtual sex with other real players from around the world.
    *Note that VIP membership is required to play online with other players.

    In-game Features

    Westsluts has three amazing in-game features built to enhance your gaming experience. These features are part of the largest update to our game since launch and have pushed the limits of gameplay even further.


    Campaign Mode

    You can now go on a sexual adventure by playing our brand new campaign mode. Step foot in Weststluts' amusement park and let your fantasies go wild. You will be allowed to push the limits of perversion as you go from one story to another!


    Daily Missions

    Daily missions will motivate Weststluts players to experience new things each and every day. What will it be this time around? What sort of depraved sexual act will you experience as you try to unlock the mythic five stars achievements?



    Group sex is the ultimate level of our online game mode. With this new feature, you will be able to share your most perverted desires with other real players from Weststluts. From hardcore gangbangs to depraved orgies, share all your craziest fantasies with the world!